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Nurse's Locket Closed

In the Logos Theatre's Stage Production of C.S. Lewis' children's book "Prince Caspian," the hero Caspian is cared for as a young boy by a dear woman known simply as his Nurse. This Nurse was influential in teaching young Caspian of the wonders and magic of Narnia, and also introducing the small Prince to the knowledge of Aslan, the Great Lion.

This locket was worn by that very same Nurse with pictures of her young niece and prince child hidden inside, and can be yours! An elegant, tin-metal pendant with the shimmer of vintage gold hangs on a simple vintage gold chain. It's secret compartment opens up like a book, and can hide a tiny note or two small pictures of your loved ones.

A replica of the pendant used in the stage production of "Prince Caspian" by the Logos Theatre, Taylors SC.